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Post  Z.A.Redha on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:52 pm

Hi My Friends

How are you every one

Like Bahrain

يزاة الخير سواد الويه

Reward of goodness is blackness of the face

يبي يكحلها ، عماها

He wanted to eye-line it, but he blind it

السبال في عين امه غزال

The monkey is a deer in his mother's eyes

روح بعيد تعال سالم

Go away and come fine

طوله طول نخله وعقله عقل صخله

As tall as a palm, as brain as a sheep

لي طاح اليمل كثرت سجاجينه

When the camel falls, his knifes increase

توته توته خلصت الحدوته

Burry burry, the storey has finished

واحد مشى مشى ولقه مشمشه

He walked and walked, then he found peaches

كلمن يجوف الناس بعين طبعه

Everyone looks at poeple with an eye of his behavior

يد وحده ماتصفق

One hand cannot clap

لو تجري جري الوحوش غير رزقك ماتحوش

If you run as fast as monsters you will not earn more than you get

الي مايعرف حق الصقر ، يشويه

The one who can't handle an eagle, grills it

من مدح نفسه يبيله رفسه

The one who praises himself deserves a kick

مطرح ماييك الريح سده واستريح

Wherever the wind comes, block it and relax

الاصمخ على العميان باشا

The deaf on the blind are masters

يوم خلص الشي جت العجوز تمشي .

when the thing ended the old lady came walking

إذا فات الفوت ما ينفع الصوت .

if it's too late, the sound is useless

صبري يا حريقة سار لين يجيش ماي الحنينية.

Wait O'sar's fire until hunainia's water comes to you

الروس نامت والعصاعص قامت.

the heads fell asleep and the tails rised

الطويلة تقضي حاجتها والقصيرة تنادي جارتها .

The tall fulfills her need and the short calls up her neighbour

شايب زمانه ياكل رمانه .

Old mad of his age eats rommana

القرعة تفوشر بشعر أختها .

The jar-head speaks arrogantly of her sister's hair

من صام ولا صلى غداه في النار يتقلى .

He who fasts and does not pray has his lunch fried in the hell-fire

من عمره ماتبخر تبـــخر وحــترق .

Of his age he did not steam, steamed and burnt

من صام ولا نوى راح صيامه في الهوى .

He who fasts without intending, his fast goes up in the air

محمول ويترفس .

Carried and kicked

لا تكثر الدوس على اهلك يملونك... لا إنت ولدهم و لا طفل يرضعونك.

Don't step over your parent's much, they will get bored of you ... You are not their child neither a baby to breast-feed

الطيب غلب الطبيب.

The kind conquered the doctor

على طق الطبل ترقص المجنونه.

On the drum beats the crazy dances

طرار ويتشرط .

Poor and puts conditions

ماعنده عشى يتعشى عنده رويد يتجشى .

He doesn't has dinner to eat, he has rowaid to burp

من قال هااااااااااااا سمع .

Who said Whaaaaaaaaaaaat heard

ما عرفت ترقص قالت الأرض عوجة .

She didn't know how to dance , she said the ground is tortuous

من تذكر الشيطان يحضر فورا
Talk of the devil and he'll appear

أعذر من أنذر
Forewarned is forearmed

هذا الشبل من ذاك الأسد
A chip of the old block

عامل الناس مثل ما تحب أن يعاملوك
Do as you would be done

روح بعيد تعال سالم

Go away and come fine

والله صدقت بهل المثل شرشبيل

هاك هل ألمثال الحلوه

Out of sight out of mind
بعيد عن العين بعيد عن القلب

Strike while the iron hot .
دق الحديد و هو حامي ( اقتنص الفرصة ) .

Too many ****s spoil the broth .
كثرة الطباخين بتحرق الطبخة .

As you sow , shall you reap .
كما تزرع تحصد
No gains without pains
مافيه نتيجة بدون ألم

The absent party is not faulty
الغايب عذره معه

After black clouds, clear weather
كل شدة وتهون الصبر مفتاح الفرج

Every cloud has a silver lining
رب ضرة نافعة


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Post  f.shaji on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:56 pm


حكم خطيرة

ثنكي يو


good jop

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Post  miss naughty on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:12 pm

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bounce waaaaaaaaaay bounce malhooom 7aal

ther`re funny when u translate them 2 eng LooL Very Happy Smile

Any way I looove the 1st one i always say it tongue

Loooove yeeew All <333 I love you

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Post  Ms. Rehab A on Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:54 am

As you sow , shall you reap .

No gains without pains

these are my favourite...
loved your participation Zahra,,, keep it up lovely girl Smile
Ms. Rehab A
Ms. Rehab A

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Post  Z.A.Redha on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:30 pm

thank you my friends for the reply nice
and thnks Teacher love you I love you

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