Best beach: The Sofitel Hotel.

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Best beach: The Sofitel Hotel.

Post  charmi123 on Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:14 pm

Bahrain is an island with almost no beaches. The only good ones are either private property, or located at hotels. The best accessible beach is located at the Sofitel
But to enjoy said beach, you'll either need to stay overnight, or shell out $3,000 to join the Sofitel beach club. The Ritz-Carlton also has a nice beach, but it costs $4,500 membership fee and $4,500 per year.
Honorable mention: Al Dar Island. A 15 minute, 5BD boat ride gets you to this tiny island off the east coast of Bahrain, where you can lounge on the tiny beach, enjoy cocktails and kebabs. There is also a small beach next door to Bahrain Fort.

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